16 March 2008

Chris Reeves

Sunday 9.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m25

I had decided I'd head up early to Mount Mee State Forest for a 20K run through the forest but I woke up at 4.30am and it was Pissing down!! I thought that an drive up into the hills for a run in the mud didn't seem sensible and though I should have mixed things up a bit by say going out to Scarborough for a run along the foreshore, a run straight from my front door is always so much more convenient and saves family time.
So it was that 12 hours after last running it I was back out on Roo+Lake!!
Yesterdays efforts understandably left my body aching and it took three K's to get into my rhythm. It is not surprising because when you think about it I should have done a warm down after yesterdays run - which is what we do after every race!! Seems extreme but I should consider it in the future! Today's run started in sunlight with a light spray of rain cooling me down - just gorgeous ! Further into the run the rain came down hard which again is always a joy once your in it. Though I did suffer some nipple rash from a wet vest. Happy enough to be able to run Sub4 K's . Felt very easy.

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