25 March 2008

Steve Harris

Monday 10.00am UpJohn Park Dundas Sydney Australian Masters 8 KM CC Championship

2nd Overall 1st in M45 - M49 Age Category 29m00

The course was set over an undulating 2KM lap with predominantly wet longish grass underfoot.
I decided that the course would be OK for Spikes and and dispensed with socks (too wet!).
The first lap I took easy allowing Shawn Claydon ,William Yee and John Jago to lead. On the second lap I took the lead, working the inclines and breaking free of the bunch other than Dr. Jamie Harrison! Lap three was uneventful other than I was unable to shake off Jamie but didn't really try!
I didn't mention that in yesterdays 5000m Jamie past me with a whoosh and so again I sat out front half way around lap four waiting (inviting?) the inevitable - Jamie whooshed past! My cold has blocked up my sinuses ( I had actually been coughing as I was racing!), anyhow I had the distinct impression as Jamie went past that my ears were 'ringing' from the minor sub sonic boom he created!
What a shame these Championships aren't attended by more athletes. I'm sure if a 10K Road Fun Run was advertised we'd have hundreds along but I guess then there is the question about Membership and Affiliation of State Masters organisations.
It was great to Meet up again with John Jago (Tas) who had the best Age Percentage Performance in the Middle Distance events in my age Category (2m04 800m is about 91% for a 47 y.o.)
What an honour to meet Keith Bateman and Jamie Harrison !
I look forward to racing these guys for many years to come.
Lots of Photos to be posted shortly!
Got home in just over 12 hours!

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Tom said...

A series of great runs over the weekend - particularly the 10km effectively run as a time trial when not feeling 100%. I'm guessing McMillan's would rank that the highest.
Next time you come down to Sydney you should try to make it coincide with a Striders 10km.
All the best,