10 March 2008

Anne Trainer

Monday 5.00am 11KM 43m03

Good Time, Humid conditions, body felt OK after yesterday's not so strenuous test.

A couple of niggles here and there but happy with the workout.
Natalie questioned my sanity when I told her I was getting up at 2.00am to watch Arsenal Wigan (Away), and that was enough to knock it on the head and stay in bed!

Lucky I did as the result was a 0 - 0 draw! We have conceded 6 points from the last 9 - not good going.

The momentum is now well and truly with Manu for the Title.

I'm off to Townsville Tues/ Weds for work.

Probably get a run in from home on Tues morning and might even leave my run on Wed to the eve but will take my kit just in case (always like to have a run up Castle Hill when in Townsville!).

Might get the chance to check out the Track and venue for the Oceania Games in August.

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