28 March 2008

Peter Nowill

Friday 6.00pm Moolloolaba Twilight 5KM 8th 16m25 (1st 40 - 49 y.o.)

Really should not have been running tonight but I'd entered 3 or 4 weeks ago and Natalie amazingly gave me a pass to race (after spending 6 days away racing last week) .
Also my cold has not left my throat and I was having difficulty trying to clear catarrh from the throat during the run!

Conditions were much cooler than the than hot humid weather we suffered last year, with persistent rain all evening. 300 runners crowded the start line and I was fortunate to get a starting line birth. I started fast enough but not flat out like a lunatic! Pace settled down and I found a rhythm I was comfortable with though still felt like I was pushing it. Some guy went haring off and Aidan Hobbs an Pete Nowill were chasing him down. This year the course went over two extended laps rather than the previous years three laps. The course was extended by going further up and over the hill towards Alexander Headlands and back.
Before halfway I got overtaken by a Lady! Shock Horror! Lisa Corrigan went past looking comfortable. Lisa has run a MILE in 4m22 (Australian Record) so she is a hell of a lot faster than me. However, to my credit I hung onto Lisa (just!) and up the hill the last time went back past her. I was holding her off the whole way to the finish when she went back past me again!! The finish to this event is dramatised by running through the Running Expo Marquees where the noise and crowd pick up. I couldn't let it happen and picked up my sprint again to force myself in front of Lisa to beat her by a second! (mind you she picked up $500 for her efforts while I got an Asics 'runners backpack' for mine!! first 40 to 49 y.o.).
Pete Nowill completed the course some 20 secs slower than last year in about 14m40 so my run 24 secs slower than last year would perhaps also have been on a par when considering the different course. Aidan Hobbs ran fantastically for second place in 15m 16 ($300!) whilst third was about 15m40.
I just checked the official results , me and Lisa ran the same first lap time 8m11 and my second lap was 8m12. ( yes I know it doesnt add up but they also had runners finishing with net times(?) and mine was 16m24 (?). The interesting point though is that other than the first three I had the 4th fastest second lap overall!resutls are here http://res.championchipaustralia.com/list.asp?nDBPage=20&id=1206&race=5KM&nDBFirst=1

Peter Nowill has run 3K SC in 8m22 and 5KM in 13m43! He is a Man Mountain and when he lapped me in last years State 5000m it was one of the most impressive running actions I've ever witnessed - phenomenally talented ( and I ran 15m 29!)

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