15 March 2008

Lyn Harvey

Sat. 6.30pm 11KM Roo+Lake 39m12!!!!!

One of my fastest times ever on the course that I run just about every day!
Got to be happy with that! Typically an evening run meant my body was ready to run from the off and I flew through the always difficult first K in 3m43 and then picked it up!!.
Evenings have there down side as well!
The midges are prolific at dusk so you have to run with your mouth shut!!
You Have to be fit to do that!!

The toads are also emerging from their daytime hiding places and they really are all over the place ! No idea how many I've unwittingly squashed but I've 'Just Missed' hundreds of the monsters by inches! Another night time terror - Snakes!
I've seen enough this Summer to keep to the centre of the cement pathways rather than my more normal route on the grass verge beside.
Tonight I also had to contend with part of my course by Lake Eden being turned into a free outdoor cinema for the night with all the crowds that brought onto MY PATHWAY! Had to run right in front of the big screen that had been set up!! I was really going full pelt and people getting in my way are likely to get blown over by my vortex (well at least showered in my sweat!).
This evening as I rounded a blind bend I ran into a cyclist! Fortunately he had managed to brake and I managed to grab his crossbar so no harm done but it was close.
So even though I inevitable would have lost seconds (!!) with the unforeseen night time extras I still managed to hold it together and run close to my all time best.

I went through 10K in about 35m30 and any Nike+ fan would appreciate the cheap thrill of having Lance Armstrong personally congratulate you on setting a Nike+PB for the 10K!!
Works out at 3m32 K pace. As I've said before these runs are flat out! Pretty much race pace. Though races always bring me that extra adrenalin rush!!
I think I was buoyed by the thought of Pistol Pete and Tony Forever Young's performances last weekend.!!

I have subjected readers to my particular current musical flavour and have snickered to myself that most will hate my Electro House beat so I've decided that I'll add some of my very eclectic back catalogue!

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