31 March 2008

Sarah Jameson

Monday 5.00am 11KM 46m06 Roo+Lake

Stiff as a Board!!!

Whole body was wrecked! Felt like a very old man getting going this morning!! And Boy was it COLD!!! When I got up it was only 14.7 O C!!! My hands got colder and colder. Really should have worn a long sleeve top and pulled it down over my hands as gloves.

Pleasing to know that my body has a long way to go to accept a 30KM run and therefore I have got a lot of improvement left in me. I can get better.
I still have a cold!I've got blocked sinus and hearing out of one ear has gone!

Above are the results of the 3000m at the World Masters Indoor Championship last week in France;Try clicking on the image to enlarge it!Also the Half Marathon Championship Results


Tom said...

Dave - I'm not surprised given the pace you took it at. Was it a training run or a race?

runsweeney said...

Tom, It was a training run.
Next week I'll try and slow it down and see if it gets any easier!
Trouble is I'm always thinking about racing and racing pace as I'm running.
Have you checked out Victoralias 3MinK Pace ?

Tom said...

Just checked it now. Doesn't appear to be a sensible way of training and I think the whole blog should be read with a healthy degree of cynicism. I rarely run faster than 4:30s for 30km but try to finish faster if the strength is there.

Anonymous said...

He is either an exceptional, better than WORLD Class talent or seriously deluded!