30 March 2008

Courtney Atkinson

Sunday 6.30am Clontarf to Scarborough and back 29KM 1H57M27

Jeezus Mary & Fecking Joseph my body feels wrecked!!

Good nights sleep and slightly late sart for a long run but what a beautiful morning for it! Gorgeous day and makes me wonder why I don't get out to the Peninsula a bit more. Sun reflected on the glassy ocean,the colossus Moreton out in the misty haze, planes taking off and landing like huge silent birds on the horizon.I found it easy getting into a groove early on running around 3m50 K's but after the turn around at Scarborough found myself struggling and having to work a lot harder to keep up 4m K's. Lots of walkers out on the pathway, a few runners maybe I missed the keen early starters. Found my body running into stiffness after 20K and was a real struggle in the last 5K.Glad to get it over with and hope that these runs become easier on me.

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