14 March 2008

Pete Magill

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m30

Over in the Sates Pete Magill and Tony Young are re writing the record books and showing what 46 Year old guys can actually do! To speak like an American " These guys are insane!" Simply sensational times and phenomenal performances.
Reported on the most excellent Masters Mews Track and Field Blog by Ken Stone
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Pete Magill M46 5000m 14m34.27
Tony Young M45 3000m (indoors) 8m32.32

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Magill lowers 5K record, Young seizes 3000 best

Pete Magill picks his races carefully. So does fellow M45 distance star Tony Young. Over the weekend, racing 1,000 miles apart, they produced the same result: age-group records. A week after lowering his own outdoor 3000 AR, Pete, 46, ran 5,000 meters against the kiddies at the Ben Brown Invitational at Mt. San Antonio College and beat his own M45 American record with an amazing 14:34.27. (In July 2006, Pete ran 14:45.96 in Sacramento.) Results are here. That's less than 11 seconds off the fabled world record of 14:23.6 by France's Lucien Rault way back in 1982.
Tony, who turns 46 in mid-April, merely ran 3,000 indoors in 8:32.32 -- 4.5 seconds faster than Pete's outdoor AR of 8:36.86 and under the listed world indoor record of 8:34.58 by Spain's Jesus Borrego in 2007. Check out the results.
The usual problem applies with Tony's mark, however. It came on the same "oversized" (307-meter laps) track where he ran his never-ratified M40 mile records.

Here are results from Mt. SAC:Men 5000 Meter Run Open================================================================Name Year School Finals ================================================================Section 1 1 John Moore U/Portland 14:13.29 2 Tommy Betterbed U/Portland 14:16.33 3 Aaron Clark Western St 14:20.59 4 Iain Donnan Western St 14:22.62 5 Ricky Barnes Nike Team Ru 14:26.60 6 Matt Frerker U/Portland 14:27.54 7 Sky Johnston UC Irvine 14:29.81 8 Carlos Carballo Unattached 14:31.83 9 Michael Chavez Unattached 14:33.83 10 Brian Livingston Nike Team Ru 14:34.11 11 Peter Magill Fluffy Bunny 14:34.27 12 Colin Longmuir U/Portland 14:37.23 13 Humberto Rojas Pacers TC 14:38.19 14 Jorge Jabaz Unattached 14:39.98 15 Travis Kuhlman Long Beach S 14:42.80 16 Waleed Totari Unattached 14:50.17 17 Raul Lara UC Riverside 14:50.21 18 Trevor Wiseman Loyola Marym 14:54.60 19 Nick Mosey UC Irvine 14:55.05 20 Jose Rangel Pacers TC 14:56.36 21 Loren Ahonen Western St 14:59.06 22 Dino Bozzone U/Portland 15:02.91 23 Pedro Ramos UC Riverside 15:05.21 24 Andy Edick U/Portland 15:05.51 25 Dylan Jaedtke Long Beach S 15:09.07 26 Brian McDonald Loyola Marym 15:10.34 27 Jeff Mackay CSU Fullerto 15:16.21 28 Jesse Chette Western St 15:16.69 29 Brent Handa CSU Fullerto 15:28.15 30 Aaron Flower Unattached 15:40.29 -- Ulices Pina Unattached DNF -- Aaron Gillen Unattached DNFHere are results from Tony's run in Seattle, at the UofW Last Chance Meet (or NCAA qualifying):

Men 3000 Meter Run================================================================NCAA Auto: A 7:54.50 NCAA Prov: p 8:05.00 Name Year School Finals ================================================================Section 1 Finals1 Jeff Scull Syracuse 8:04.95p 2 Eric Kiauka PIH 8:05.15 3 ofer barniv Team Good River 8:20.23 4 Chris Ahl Washington 8:21.05 5 Jordan Swarthout Washington 8:24.74 6 Sean Williams Eastside TC 8:28.78 7 Tony Young Club Northwest 8:32.32 8 Zach Elliot Mullet Bullet Pr 8:54.04 9 Curtis Holt Pacific Athletic 8:57.61 10 Jeremy Swenson Washington St. 9:06.28 11 Josh Elliot Mullet Bullet Pr 9:09.66 12 Andrew Primrose Club Northwest 9:10.85 13 Chris Tremonte Unattached 9:14.44 -- Ryan Brown Washington DNF -- Mike Sayenko UW ALUM DNF -- Richard Medina Colorado DNF -- Matt Owen UW ALUM DNF
As usual, Tony and Pete had nothing but praise for fellow masters runners on the letsrun.com message boards (while modestly reporting details of their own record races.)

Here's what Pete wrote:
Well, first of all, congrats to Tony Young (Northwest Master) on knocking the spit out of my 3000 time yesterday. He ran 8:32.32, easily besting my 8:36.86 from last week. Since my record was outdoors, I think I still get to keep that, but Tony will have to tell us if he gets the indoor record (there's some problem with the track size ... or maybe there isn't? ... Tony?).
In any case, it doesn't matter whether there's an official record there or not, because Tony certainly claims the prize for top 3000 of the M45-49 season so far!
As for myself, I had a very good run of my own. Because of the inhuman beating 5000's put on my calves, I limit myself to one a year these days. And last night was that 5000. Ran at the Ben Brown Invitational, where I managed to squeak into the fast heat, though I was seeded 34th out of 36 entries.
There were three earlier heats, and I got to watch one of my Bunny teammates, Robert Arsenault (our 5th man at both Club X-Country and USA X-Country), post a 15:39.95 - so combined with Tony's performance from earlier in the day I felt like I'd better come up with something myself.
The race started out as these races do: with a huge pack of youngin's charging for the lead and battling for position. But unlike last week's 3000, these runners were a bit more experienced, and I was able to settle into a comfortable pace in the inside 2nd lane for the first couple laps.
We came through 1600 in 4:43 (same time as last week's 3000! - only this time I was happy with the pace!). Then I found a young guy who was running the pace I wanted to run, and I just hitched a ride on his shoulder through 3200 in 9:28. Feeling relatively fresh, I spotted another runner a little ways ahead and moved up to him, locking in with a parasitic embrace through the next 1600, which we covered in 4:36. Then gave it everything I had over the last 200, actually experiencing the rush of blazing by some good young runners, to post about a 30 second final half-lap and hit 14:34.27!
Oh, and to finish in 11th place.
I know that I've been very lucky as a masters runner. And I am always humbled after "good" races by the knowledge that I may never run as fast again, that we masters have a bond largely based upon our acceptance of the diminishing returns of our training. But I have to say that I'm sorta shell-shocked to have posted that time at age 46.
The first thing I said when I returned to my group of Bunnies in the stands was, "Am I on something?" But except for excessive helpings of Captain Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch, I'm not. So I guess I was just that lucky - for one night in March in perfect conditions and in the perfect race at Mt. SAC.
Okay, sorry to be so me-me-me in my posts these past couple weeks, but this has already (in 8 days time) been the most memorable track season of my masters career.
Hope everyone has as great a week this coming week as I just got to experience last week!

Tony later posted this:
SoCal - "you are SICK!" 14:34!! Hats and Spikes off to you man. I think your secret is that you just compete. Nice splits along the way too! This is going to be (another) great year for you!
(I) cut back to 55 miles this week to get some lift in my step for Saturdays 3k effort. First real track effort so nervous as to how to approach it. Even if workouts are going well, there is always some hesitation with diving into a pace until a couple of races are under your belt.
The kids had a rabbit going out in 64 pace, so I knew that the leaders (7-10 runners) would drift off from the start. I just hoped the second pack would carry me to the 2k so I could push it from there. We were about 2-3 seconds slower than I had hoped at 1k (2:52), so begrudgingly I went forward on my own seeking any fallout from the faster kids. I just thought of it as a hard workout that I have done the past two weeks. 2k (2:53) and 3k (2:47) in 8:32.32. It felt smooth (I didn't say easy) and I think that this Spring there could be several more seconds to knock off.
Mon 2 x 1200 (800 @ :70, 400 @ :60) - Good confidence workout in relaxing and then picking it up. 2 x 300 (40.5)
Wed 6 x 150's
Sat 3k race. Pm Bball for an hour and half at the gym with son. Even had some "hops"
Sun - 90+ later today.
I can't wait to enjoy these longer days again. For us up here in the Pacific NW, that now means light past 7:30 again!!!!!

So the obvious question now is: When will Tony race Pete?Pete writes me: "Looks like Tony and I are heading for a showdown at Dave Clingan's Mile at the end of May. I can't see myself running that 3000 at the Olympic Trials (I'd be WAY too beat up if I tried to stretch my season that far), so any further assault on the 3K will probably have to come from Tony and others."Posted by Ken Stone on March 10, 2008 12:28 AM
Ken this type of reporting is what makes your BLOG great NOT BS about a "reality" running show.....Magill..Young...Grant and Shaheed ALL deserve their own "Show" for excellence...and thats REALITY!!!!!!
Posted by: Francis A Schiro March 10, 2008 3:40 PM
FR: David E. Ortman (M54) Seattle, WA
Congratulations to both Pete and Tony on some outstanding times. I do think that Tony may have an edge in the marketing department, as he could sell T-shirts that say:"Masters Track and Field -Forever Young!"
Posted by: David E. Ortman March 12, 2008 1:29 PM

This is David writing ;

I thought Pete's comments about his calves was interesting seeing as I believe mine are on the verge of collapse!! He races exceedingly sparingly and I'm not sure I'd enjoy doing likewise. I thrive on competition and feel unsatisfied if I don't race most weekends!

I thought Pete's split times were amazing and boy can he finish off a race!!!

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Matty said...

That was good reading!

I noticed that Brian Livingston finished one spot ahead of Pete in the 5000. He's now back in the States after a two year stay in Australia and a number of race wins in Qld.