19 March 2008

Dave Buzza

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m23

Happy to get out on the road! Guts felt sore and though I contemplated a shortened 6K in the end I thought I might as well see how my body is shaping up and pushed onto the 11K.

After 800m I ran into another giant man sized spiders web (it is dark now!)which I caught full on face and upper body! Fortunately only the stickiest elastic band consistency web to remove and no huge monster in my hair or on my shoulders! The gut pain did develop into a 'stitch'/'cramp' but I was grateful I could get around OK! Very humid! Combined with lack of food intake I stepped onto the scales at 62KG this morning!!!!

The guts should be OK come Sydney on Friday but not the best preparation I've ever had.

Dave Buzza another Lufbra grad! still running and spent time in Oz. Think he might have made top5 in City to Surf & or Bridge to Brisbane = Quality Runner!

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