13 March 2008

Mark Foster

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m13

Wednesday 6.00am 8KM Castle Hill 40min 08

Thursday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m45

Enjoyed a flying visit to Townsville on Tues /Weds. Had some beers and ran in a weary dehydrated state up the Castle Hill a monolith that looks down over the city. A great way to wake up and pretty tough going. I love how there are always runners/walkers and a couple of cyclists getting their exercise in. Saw a CoolRunning capped runner at the top but I didn't stop, just a quick sip of water and back down the hill - oh the pain of running DOWN hill!

Townsville is a really nice place . Your able to get around the city quickly, you can park your car (for free) , its got the Strand beach area , the Hill, and some lovely old buildings. Wednesday had lunch in the Casino! (joined up for free and had a members discounted 'Roast of the Day' for $5 - how good is that?).

On the way home to the station today I bumped into Brendan Whelan. He had hurt himself of Saturday doing the Steeple at the State Masters so didn't compete on the Sunday. He's running in the States in a fortnights time. He ran the Phillipeans Marathon two weeks ago. He was very affected by the humidity and jogged home in 3Hrs. He hopes to run 2H30 but he'll need to find a cooler place to do it!

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