29 March 2008

Lisa Corrigan

Saturday 6.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m29

I had got up early in order to run two laps of Roo+lake but in the end I had a few niggles from last night and really couldn't face doing two laps of this and might save my LONG RUN inception till tomorrow and run along the beach at Redcliffe of Bribie or up in the mountains at Mount Mee or Wanmaran.

On the drive down and back to Sydney Oli and me listened to a few CD's that repeated two of three times. I love how Oli will be influenced music wise by my eclectic taste! For instance this song playing now Bill Withers 'Lovely Day', and two others that Oli seemed to take an interest in; Blue Oyster Cult 'Dont Fear the Reaper' and Boston 'More than a Feeling'.

Some more photos of the 1500m at the Nationals. Note what I mean about my propensity to 'tie up' by overstraining Compare it to the cool calm John Jago disposition! Never noticed his one finger salute before (I was too far behind!)

Geoff H. rightly questions my tactics for this race and it's something I'll have to dwell upon.

World Masters Games are in Sydney 2009!

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