08 March 2008

Colin McLeod

Friday = Rest


Was going to be running State Masters 1500m today but a combination of discretion being the better part of valour and family commitments (looking after the kids) determined I'd be a DNS!

Shame as my speed work had gone really well and I was hopeful of bettering my 4m18 earlier this year. The race is due off in 20 mins (11.00am) and the temp is a reasonable 26 O C. Brendan Wheelan (M35) will probably jog around as he is prone to do when there is no competition.

I have been busy massaging my lower calf and feel it might be OK. I shall run 6K this evening to test it and if OK race the State Masters 3000m Sunday morning. I have no aims in the race other than to ensure Brendan works hard for any victory (he is prone to sitting in on the pace till the last lap! - fair enough!). No pressure to run fast times I'll be just very grateful if I can run without any pain in the lower calf!

Tom - Good to hear from you! Re Arsenal - we'll see!! Re Gold Coast I'm considering running the Half! I've never really properly prepared and raced a Half and I'd like to see what sort of time I can run before I get too old! Good to hear you and the other bandits will be making the pilgrimage North of the Border to God's country!

Your current training is hugely impressive!

How can anyone manage 4 X 3K!!

Your lucky to have a good troupe of fellow runners to tackle those sessions with.

Colin McLeod - Another Queensland Masters Distance running Legend!

Has bucket loads of records and still setting them in the 65 - 69 year age group.

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