18 March 2008

Wendy Lowe


I've been rather ill since Sunday lunchtime. My stomach has been turning cartwheels and I've been gripped by clenching pains in my tummy. It feels like having the shits without the shits!

Very uncomfortable night Sunday. I couldn't lie flat on my back = too painful and my duff shoulders (frozen shoulders) make sleeping on my side uncomfortable. Spent all of Monday in bed thinking I was dieing. Only managed to have some fluids but no food and plenty of Aspro Clear. Last night was better, I did manage to get some sleep and am able to lie on my back.

I've managed to get up and shower and booked an appointment to see the GP. Feeling very weak and wondering if the Sydney Nationals are going to be a starter. I'll discuss with GP.
Doctor reckons it was just a virus (a lot of it going around!) Reckons its a 48 hour deal so I should be up and running Wednesday!

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