14 June 2008

Andy Gilham

Saturday 3.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake (!) 39m15 (!) (Fast pushed hard)

Nat wasn't going to allow me much spare time today so 'Old Faithful' it was.

Cold day today only got to 20 O C but lovely and sunny (Cold Southerly),

Hit the ground running, nicely limbered up from mowing the lawn (gulped some petrol in a vain attempt to get mine going - didn't so borrowed neighbours).

Felt good , most niggles and pains pushed from my mind. Didn't look at my time once through the whole run ! Might have gained another twenty five secs for a PB if I'd have known I was that close but I was mindful of Racing tomorrow and the need to conserve something.

So as it ends up today's run goes down as about sixth fastest ever on my daily course! Good going!
How do you like the Gooners new Kit for 2008/09? No wonder Rebel were selling off the 'old' kit for $100! (Still too expensive for me!)

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