02 June 2008

Daniel Moore

Monday 5.00am 11KM 47m06

I carried a slight strain in my left calf through half of yesterdays race.
I massaged it through the day and it didn't feel too much of an issue this morning.What did slow me down was the rain! it was chucking it down through the whole run.I didn't see a single other person outside during the whole run - that made me feel good!(for getting out and doing it when your brain is telling you - leave it till lunchtime, the rain will have stopped by then - it didn't, or till this evening - it didn't!).
In the States this weekend a New World Record was set in the Men's M45 Mile by Tony (Forever) Young who is 46, recording 4m16;09 !!! To beat the old mark of 4m16;75 by Kiwi David Sirl. Pete Magill also M46 finished 2nd in 4m21;34 Wow these guys are flying.

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