06 June 2008

Col McLeod

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m04 (Steady)

12.30pm 10.5KM Bridges 42m06 (Medium Effort)

Running in Paradise!
A winters day and the temp in sunny Brizzy was 26 O C- Just beautiful and for any former Pommies it's like running in Paradise.
Morning run was a bit of a slog to get out of bed and back up after previous evening, but afternoon run was gorgeous along the beautiful Brisbane river.
Met up with Andy Cl owes along the way - he's suffering some type of injury but his Iron Man mentality still gets him out for a run.
I was feeling remarkably OK for my third twice a day run this week! I don't think I'd be able to keep it up for more than a few weeks but I'm enjoying the experience of really pushing myself (which actually I don't really believe I am!!!).
I had four beers after work (1 X Steinlager 1 X Tui's and 2 X Crown)

Tom, I got a Seeded Entry for C2S!!!
So have entered the race now to convince Natalie!

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