22 June 2008

David Thompson

Sunday 8.00am Spectrum 8KM 25m50s 2nd (No Cat)

I rested yesterday as I felt that I would have done myself more harm than good running.
Today I did a little warm up, the knees didn't feel too bad, so I thought I'd be OK racing.
Said hello to Helen Stanton at the start but didn't recognise many others here this year (my chance to win?)
Race started with some nutters and a few Tri guys going out fast. I slipped into third after about a K. The two Tri guys seemed strong but I told myself they would come back to me! However they went further and further away. Went through 3K in about 9m35 and 5K in 16m03. Finally the taller of the two guys who had got to about 150m in front of me, got dropped by the leader and started to come back to me. I reeled him in and was thinking that the first guy was too far in front say 100m and seemed strong. However, at 6K there was a small loop back and I saw him close up and he looked like he was struggling a bit. I was by no means flowing with joy but I thought it might be possible to catch him and snare the cash prize for 1st Only. He came back closer and closer but not close enough! By the finish he was about 3 or 4 secs in front! I'm slightly annoyed with myself for not giving it more. 25m 50 worth about 32m39 depending on which calculator you want to use!

Personally I think I'd have run the last two K in pretty much the same pace (3m14 per K) so 32m20 10K pace would have been a satisfactory result.
Didn't warm down as Oli had AFL , right knee has seized up a bit might try to put in a slow warm down run when Nat gets home (with Kate for Cheerleaders thing at the Entertainment Centre). Oli scored his first AFL 'goal' in a 86 - 6 Loss! Go the Redcliffe Tigers! - I love the team spirit and camaraderie they still show winning or losing.

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