12 June 2008

Chris Sly

I forgot to say;

"OOh to be a Gooner,
Ooh to be a Queenslander!!!"

Thursday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 45m30

1.00pm 10.5KM Bridges 42m33

This extra mileage has started to take a toll on me. My knees in particular are giving me grief as I start every run and it barely wears off through a run. Might reconsider the twice a day routine in order to preserve my body or see if I can tear myself away from Roo+Lake to do a longer run - it will be tough I'm so set in a routine. Perhaps skip the cooler morning run and concentrate on the afternoon run where the warmth of the day nicely limbers up my body.
We'll see.

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