01 June 2008

Chris Truscott

Queensland Half Marathon Championship Doomben 3rd 72m12

5mins before the start it was chucking it down! I stayed in the car and kept dry!
Dark rain clouds meant I decided against sunnies but did wear 'plonker' headband.
As it turned out should have worn sunnies and pleased I did wear headband (don't call me Olivia). Race started in a reserved fashion with top four breaking away in first K (3m10),= Chris Reeves, Chris Truscott , Aidan Hobbs and Me!, 2nd K was 6m25 and
3rd K was 9m36. I had the attitude go out hard and hang on! However 3K was as far as I could hang on to these three before the elastic snapped and I drifted back into no mans land. Ronnie Peters and another guy were running 5th and 6th. I think 5K was about 16m10 and after that kept a steady pace. The course felt like you were running an E shape - lots of switchbacks so you could gauge progress on those up front.
10K was 33m30 and I was impressed with that as it was close to 10K race pace!! Now to hang on! I noticed that Aidan had been dropped and slowly but surely he was coming back to me. I never felt like I knew where abouts on the course I was but it was marked out very well with K markers.We started to run through the 10K racers and the 5K racers and I was worried that I might get misdirected like last year but no problems thankfully. I caught Aidan at about 19K and went straight past. He has had a busy campaign recently and it must have been difficult mentally running with me catching him up! So I brought it home OK in 72m12. Of course it would have been nice to dip under 72 but maybe that can wait till GC. My naivety in racing a Half will be lost and I might be a bit more respectful (or scared to go out so hard!). Chris Reeves was clear of Chris Truscott in first and second place, I have no idea what times they ran. I didn't wait for presentations, as Natalie is not well so jumped straight in the car and got home by 9.00am.

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