03 June 2008

Noriyuki Ueda

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m29

Sunday's results are http://www.queenslandmarathon.com.au/Doomben2008Results.htm
Still in recovery mode from Sunday so no second session till tomorrow.
I'm thinking that I might try and build my mileage a little in order to prepare for GC Half.
I feel that I have been racing well recently and was happy with 32m58 10K , 15m41 5K and 72m12 21.1K. I guess other than those races and the very lonely Corporate Games 10K I've only really been racing CC. But it feels like I've turned a bit of a corner a lull in my performance since running 15m42 the week after 8m56 at the end of Jan.
I had the stomach virus and heavy cold at the Nationals and on the whole ran fairly average. So what is the answer training progress (the 22K runs)? Biorhythms? Not really sure just happy that I'm moving forward.
Goals are now to set a PB Half 71m17 (I think) though 70m15'ish for an Australian M45Record would be outstanding. But running 33m30 + 33m30 and 3m15 final KM looks completely beyond me. Also I was thinking about doing the Oceania Masters Games in Townsville but I'm beginning to doubt the level of competition available (other than in the Half Mara which is Open). So I might see if I can talk Natalie into letting me go to Sydney again for the City to Surf. That would be serious fun (and competition!).

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Tom said...

Dave - fantastic recent results. You seem to be hitting a seam of form at exactly the right time.
Definitely try and get to City to Surf - will provide a good event for revenge for whoever comes second at Gold Coast Half! You'll need to be quick for the entry form though as preferred/seeded starts are limited and on a first come/first served basis this year.