24 June 2008

Andy Beatie

Tuesday 12.00Noon 10.5KM Bridges 41m22s

Still have issues with pain in both knees! Wore off after 2 or 3 K's, but noticeable walking to the station after work. Feeling like a should be doing an interval session or a long run but feel that will only add to the knee issue. Happy to reconcile that Sunday's race was 8 X 1KM in Ave 3m14 No recovery, was like a good session!

I found the results from Sunday here (I reckon the timekeeping is suspect! both my time and the gap between the winner and myself)

Chris Rawling the winner and Sam Betten third are as I suspected top Triathletes

(both ran 32m 10K's at the end of the Mooloolabah Triathlon see here)

I think Chris and Sarah who won the Women's event are South Australians.

Chris is the small guy in the photo from last years Noosa Bolt (running against some top quality opposition)


Matty said...

Gees RS - Sorry to hear the knees keep playing up. Perhaps you should consider getting off the concrete at Roo+Lake and finding some bitumen to run on instead. Personally, I avoid concrete like the plague.

I always drive to my sessions with heat packs on aching muscles - usually my lower back. It works a treat in getting them warmed up. Not sure whether they'll work for knees though but no harm in trying.


runsweeney said...

G'Day Matty,
During daylight, half Roo+Lake is grass but early morning, pitch dark, leads me to run the concrete paths more. I have run from work (George St) along side the river recently in a bid to run during the warmer part of the day, 21 O C today compared to 10 O C in the morning!
The heat and few hours of being awake tend to make me run better but still have to compromise with less than ideal surface!

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