13 June 2008

Laurie O'Hara

"ooh to be a Gooner
ooh to be a Queenslander"

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 45m38

I know Roo+Lake! Well I said it would be hard to tear myself away from a routine! The knee wasn't so bad this morning.
Another thing the Urban encroachment of our suburb has shifted the Roos elsewhere! Haven't actually seen one in weeks, though have seen some signs of their grazing in the grass!
When I was a lad I remember Laurie running around the track as a 'Vet' for Belgrave Harriers.
Now I've reached the age he was when I was a lad I'm blown away by the times he was actually running! As a M45 he was running 5000m in 15m05! (Bloody Hell!)

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