04 June 2008

Phil Parry

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 45m11 (solid)
13.00pm 10.5 KM Bridges 40m24 (fast)

I was 62KG after my run this morning, in my diary I noted I was 64KG this day last year, 67KG the year before that and would you believe in June 2004 I was a very chunky (beer gut) 82KG!!!
Tom - thanks for your advice, I sent an email yesterday requesting priority/seeded start!
Not yet OK'd by Natalie ("Natalie in the next three weeks I've got to travel to Townsville, then Cairns, then Mount Isa for work, then I'd like to go to Sydney for a race!"- Stay tuned ! and yes the perfect come back race for whoever should lose GC. Though lets be fair, your the out and out favourite whatever the race, whatever the distance.

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