23 June 2008

Guy McCullum

Monday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 48m28s

I'm not too worried by my slowest run of the year! It was very cold (11 O C) I wore a beaney for the first time this year and my knees again took some time to loosen up and allow me to run pain free. I think I shall train more in the arvos for the next two weeks as it will allow the knees to have eased up through the mornings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,I am hoping that I don`t get a pw at the gold coast half as my slowest half was my first one at noosa in 1994 at the very first noosa half which went out into the bush,not the nice course of today,My time then was 1.30.15 with out much training.I have to run under 1.30 which is pretty slack,so I will be pushing to get under that. Given 2 weeks to train for it is crazy but fun. I have done heaps of calculating for your time next week & have come up with a time that I think you will run,1.10.15 considering the course & depth of talent to drag you along & the benefit of a half a month ago.I am not trying to put pressure on you,what do you think of that for a time.Have you still got that old news letter that I lent you to read,It`s got a chart to work out my km`s to average so I get under 1.30,BBQ this saturday & heaps of VB to prepare for the coast?.Talk soon Dave.

runsweeney said...

Yes to Barbie No to heaps of VB.
If I ran 70.15 I'd take a month off and let my knees recover from recent mileage! Dont you go too mental trying to squeeze some miles in this fortnight.Listen to your body!! Says me!!