25 June 2008

Chris Rawling

Wednesday 1.00pm 10.5KM Bridges 42m31(easy)

On the way into work I stopped off at the chemist and bought some glucosomine tablets to see if they might assist in repairing the knees! These tablets are supposed to be for osteoarthritis but are also supposed to give temporary pain relief to joints - we shall see!
They did nothing for my run this arvo, again struggled for 2/3Km before they eased up.
Training feels like I'm only treading water at the moment ie no real training going on. Maybe that's not too bad as I taper down but it feels like I'm taking it too easy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,Ran from my house to the runinn last night,must have been about 32 km,Then ran with the slow group another 12 km,the legs are a bit sore today but not as bad as I thought,I have to get some miles so I don`t get that pw at the coast with 2 weeks training,all in good fun,Cheers Geoff.Hey don`t taper too much.

Anonymous said...

Dave, try some Bloom's Omega 3. It's mostly salmon oil. I used to get really sore ankles and the fish oil really helped. Glucosomine is good too.
Cheers Ron.

runsweeney said...

Geoff - Your either insane or exagerating just a little!
Ron - Thanks for your advice,I'll see how a week of Glucosamine goes and take it from there!