25 January 2008

AUSTRALIAN RECORD 8m56.46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3000m 8m56.46 M45 Australian Record

I'll update more tomorrow , I'm going to have a couple of beers to celebrate achieving a goal I set myself three years ago.

Well I'm a lot calmer and more reflective today!
What am I going to do now??
I love a challenge and there is nothing like a hard fought struggle to achieve something because it makes the achieving feel that much better!

Yesterdays race went like this ; Firstly it wasn't too hot, more warm and humid.
Importantly the wind was calming down! A small field toed the line. Two young guns John Athian and Ryan Isaac and some really young (12y.o) kids. Typically all the other middle distance talent opted for the earlier 1500m.
At the gun Athian & Isaacs blasted off with me trying to stick with them! At 200m 32s ,I thought it was suicidal pace for me and backed off. Ran through 400m in 64 and settled into a rhythm by 800m in 2m13. This was pretty much my 1500m pace so again tried to adjust and conserve. I ran through 1K in 2m 53 with the lads up front going through in 2m48! 1400m came in 4m08 and I felt good, I was 4 secs up on target time (steady 72's is 9m00 pace). 1800m was 5m20 (still 4 secs up) and 2200m in 6m30( 6 seds up).The critical middle laps needed concentration and effort but I managed to keep form and work hard through these laps. My race plan was to try and pick things up with two laps to go and I managed to stick to plan. I was slowly 'pulling in' the lads up front but wasn't close enough to benefit from their momentum. I knew that I was going to break the record two or three laps out!!! I hit the bell ( 2600m in 7m45) and was able to maintain momentum , concentrate on working through the legs and relaxing the upper body.
I crossed the line and wanted to scream ! I managed a one arm salute (to myself!)
I think the only person in the World other than me who could appreciate what I had just done was my friend Geoff Holmes who came along to watch and shout encouragement and record my lap times. He has been along for much of the last three years, during training, KM intervals at Nathan Road Webster Road and at North Lakes oval!

The Result was;

1st John Athian 8m49.33

2nd Ryan Isaac 8m 51.98
3rd David Sweeney 8m56.46

The previous record was 8m59.28 by Ron Peters.
It was great to hear from fellow Poms, Tom and Keith and the great man himself Ron Peters on CoolRunning (and thanks to others for comments).

Keith ,I'm seriously impressed by the 4m11 that is fantastic running and bodes well for further serious improvements in your 3K time. But please ! I'd like to be in with a shout when I hit 50 (2011) and 9m10 is fast enough!!).

The music should be giving you an idea of how I'm feeling!!
I'm off for a run when Nat gets home at about 5.30pm a celebratory Roo+Lake!!!
And Monday = the Beer Mile!!! I've bought some Crown Larger for the occasion.


Fossil said...

Brilliant run - congratulations!

Keith Bateman
50+ record holder - I had better get the record down a git more before you arrive in my age group!

inhisshadow said...

Wow - absolutely amazing, and three years in the making is incredible dedication. I'm inspired - thankyou. Also thanks for the Arsenal - TH video, a great laugh.

Young Gun said...

Hey Bro, great news, well done.
I think your decision to stop doing those suicidel "outback" runs moved you on mentally and physically (you were mental to contemplate them and physically sick doing them).
Call On Me by Eric Prydz - I've had this on my 'X' rated music video favourites for ages, sure brings me out in a sweat!
I'll have to think of a challenge I can set myself. Not sure if I can bring back the glory days of Barnet Cross Country Championship 197?, when me, you and the Cunninghams took the honours! Later T