07 January 2008

Ken Tollady

5.00am 11Km Roo+Lake 43m28s

A good solid run considering a tough weekend of running. Really felt it in the early K's but pushed on to 4min K's by half way. Really really humid conditions, sweating buckets - don't care if the headband looks silly it certainly picks up a huge quantity of sweat and saves the eyes from stinging, I rang it out this morning felt like a wet face flannel!

Geoff H. has asked if I'm up for a 'Beer Mile' on the Australia Day Public Holiday (29th Jan ) - 4 laps of 400m (plus 9m) and 4 full strength (5%) bottles of beer! Scull a bottle then run first lap, scull a second bottle run lap 2 etc. etc. would be fun , but wouldn't want it to interfere with the serious stuff.

Arsenal were away to Burnley in the FA CUP. I couldn't stay up from 12 to 2.00am and then get up at 5.00am for a run so sleep won! (I must be getting serious about my training!)
Didn't think it would be much of a contest, watched the repeat this evening and Arsenal fielded a side with 8 first team players rested ,and still won it 2 - 0. Burnley did give a good account of themselves but I never felt they seriously threatened (even if they did have a header hit the bar!).

New Years Eve.
The scene I've told all me guests that I've had extensive and expensive didgeridoo lessons and here I am about to demonstrate my Rolf Harris skills;

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