29 January 2008

Paul Gurr

Monday Beer Mile Geebung Oval 5.00pm


Drink a stubby of 5% volume beer, run 400m, drink another, run 400m and so on = 1609m and Four X Stubbies.
I opted for 375ml of Crown Lager(4.9%).

I thought this would be a 'piece of pi**'. "What was the Australian Record (6m50) ?" The Masters Record (7min something ? didn't even come into it , I'd break the Aussie record!!!). I suggested to Geoff Holmes I might lap him!!
Little did I know........

The race started , I drank about four gulps and was struggling big time. Half the field had gone before I managed to finish the first one, raced around the first lap burping and in pain got back up to 4th place and went for my second stubbie! It went down with a much greater degree of difficulty than the first - like a lead balloon. It was like trying to pour beer into an uninflated balloon! It just wouldn't go down! It was really really painful!
The gas was building and building!
This was no longer going to be a race but a question of survival!
I didn't have a clue where I was coming in the race (remember alcohol is involved here!).
Third stubbie was always going to be tough. I took two gulps and it was like a scene from the Exorcist where the girl is on the bed - projective vomiting!
Also think of the charming Lady in Little Britain who does very good projectile vomits!

That was me!! Penalty an extra Lap! I went off on my third lap and managed a good few further bouts of vomit on the back straight! I do hope it got caught on video!!
As I ran in for the fourth stubbie I was told I could take my penalty lap immediately which meant I was able to run through and complete 800m before going for my fourth and final stubbie! This could have saved further 'transition area' embarrassment as it enabled me to gather myself for the final horrendous ardour, trying to squeeze in that fourth bottle!
I managed it and jogged round the final lap. I finished in 13 th place (I think there were 21 starters) in about 13mins!!
Geoff Holmes finished third ! A fantastic feat for someone who cant stand the taste of beer!!
I was also beaten by Geoff's Dad , Erroll who is 65 y.o.
Winner was Adrian Pearce who has a natural ability to down a beer in about 10 secs.
A fantastic performance in 7min15s !!
Got to meet CoolRunners "Digger" and Blair and his lovely wife Lisa.
I recommend the Beer Mile to all runners for a new running experience!

I got home and fell asleep!

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo + Lake 42min35sec (3m53KM's)

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