27 January 2008

Keith Bateman

Sun 5.00am Nugdee 20 X 200m (not timed) 100m jog recovery

I've been walking around for the last 24 hours stunned by Keith Batemans M50 4m11s 1500m ! Incredible stuff ! Good enough for 3rd place in World rankings (2007) or an easy Victory at the World Champs which was won in 4m15.

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Fossil said...

Thanks - You're stunned? Coach just said "I don't know how you did that!" And nor do I - except it was the perfect race for weather, current relaxed mental state, and for having athletes of similar standard. We need to run together sometime - and I must meet Ron - wasn't able to get to see him last time in Brissy. Let me know if you're in Sydney anytime. Cheers