16 January 2008

Hugh Richards

5.00am 11KM 42m50 Lake+Roo

Yes I ran the course in reverse for a bit of variety! A nice long hill to work up in the penultimate
kilometer, different views, well worth doing more regularly!
There is a QA 3000m on Sat afternoon at Nathan. Getting nervous just thinking about it!

Hugh Richards was one of group of senior Shaftesbury athletes when I was just starting out. I never really knew him because when I was coming through this group were moving on with careers that took them away from North London.Very much in the Julian Goater mold, and likewise I believe an Oxbridge graduate. Top performer over distance on track, road and country. I'll dig out his best performances and update but he would have run close to 29mins for 10,000m.
I did a quick google search to see if I could find anything on him. He may be living in Pool Dorset as I found a result of a Quarter Marathon V.50 finished 44th overall in 58mins10 loyally still running for Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers!
His PB's were 8m09.6 for 3K, 14m25.6 for 5K, and 8m50.8 for 3000mSteeple!!!!

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