01 January 2008

Paul Simons

Earth Science Picture of the Day for January 1, 2008
Have you ever stood on a pier and gazed dreamily into the Moon's reflection in the water? If so, have you seen that reflection for what it really is? By steadily staring into the so-called glitter patch (left photo) - or better yet by taking a time exposure of it (right photo) - you'll see a luminous tangle of loops and circles that come and go almost too fast to see. Every individual bright spot in the glitter patch is a closed loop. And once you've seen them, they will drive you nuts. You'll find them everywhere a bright light shines on gently rippled liquid: in the bathtub, sink, cup of tea, birdbath, mud puddle and hot tub. For some reason they're especially visible in beer and wine -- possibly champagne too. Happy New Year!

New Years Day! Time for resolutions - cut down the beer! Had about 6 or 8 Pure Blondes last night. Feeling pretty woozey first thing. Will get out for a steady run this Arvo!
How ya doing Geoff? Thanks for coming over with Nicole last night, always good to see in the New Year with running buddies!
I got out at about 4.00pm.
Ran my standard 10.5-11.1 KM Roo+Lake.
Didn't get a time as I got drenched on the run and my Nano must have taken in water and seized up!

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