14 January 2008

Mark Gordon

5.00am 11KM 48m00

I took a look at a new part of our suburb to reconnaissance new courses and to add some variety and to get away from constantly racing myself! I took it easy this morning. I had some reaction to yesterday's Course equaling PB in my knees! I've had an issue with my right knee for some time but it doesn't get too bad and impact on running other than first few hundred meters of each run. But to get a reaction on the left knee was unusual. Also it seemed to be the back of the knee or the ligaments.

"The image above was taken on September 18, 2007, at the Stone Glacier in Switzerland. At an altitude of approximately 2,200 m (7,218 ft), a cascade of water appeared . This impressive alpine waterfall is a result of glacial meltwater. Streamflow from the more lofty snow and ice fields lasts through late summer or early fall in the Alps. Frame exposed for 4 seconds."

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