10 January 2008

Julian Goater

5.00am 11KM Roo+ Lake 43m17s

I know I should get greater variety into my training, however, the convenience factor of just getting straight out of the door and running is a major factor for me.

Getting the work done before Natalie and the kids are up means that at least these sessions don't impinge upon family time like they would if I ran at night or if I took the car to somewhere and then ran. I normally race at the weekend (Sat.) and have a track session the following day (Sun) and do a track session on Tues night ,so that is quite enough time away.

Natalie wouldn't put up with any more time! I do occasionally enjoy driving up to Mount Mee for a long run in the forests but see no real benefit for me doing that right now when I want to concentrate on 3000m. During the Winter when I race Cross Country and Road I will substitute a track session for a long run, specially as this winter I plan to race Half Marathons.

This morning Arsenal's Reserves took on a full strength Spurs, it was the League Cup so Arsene rests the first team squad as this competition is not a priority. Result a 1- 1 draw after Spurs 'scored' an offside goal! Spurs haven't beaten Arsenal this Century!

Julian Goater
I was there at Parliament Hill Fields when he decimated the best distance runners in the country (England) at the National Cross Country Championships. He won the race by two minutes!! TWO MINUTES in a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! Perhaps the singularly best racing performance I have ever witnessed! How did he manage it?
Well Parly Hill had entertained two races before hand and the conditions were without a doubt the MUDDIEST ever!! Literally knee deep in place!!
Julian, a Club Man through and through (my Club Shaftesbury Harriers) managed to skip/float over the quagmire.

Julian now works full time as Personal Trainer and is still very fit , he won the M50 World Championship Duathlon in Newcastle (Australia) in 2005.

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