08 January 2008

John Dryden

5.00am 6KM Roo 23m29 (rained on again!)
6.00pm Nudgee 14 X 300m 100m jog recovery Ave 51.0 Last one 47.73 2KM WU 1600m WD (windy)

A good solid days work out. I was mindful not to do too much in both sessions, so rather than run 11K and potentially tier myself for evening session cut it down to a light 6K , and also this evening felt very good but rather than over commit myself by running say 16 X or 18 X wanted to keep it tight so the quality wouldn't wane in the early to mid intervals.
The standard pack of about 30 Rugby (or League) players and a small group of sprinters and off by the bingo hall a small pack of triathletes for company.

John Dryden was one of a team of fantasticly talented athletes that went through the Seniors ranks of my club a few years before me. John lived in Paris for a while (I remember a visiting Shaftesbury team running from his place following a trip 'abroad'!
John ran 9m02.0 for 3000m Steeple

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