12 January 2008

Ivo Van Damm

RACE DAY Queensland Masters SAF Nathan

9.00am 27 0 C WINDY

1500m 1st 4m19.05

300m - 46, 400m 63/64, 800m 2m13/14, 1100m 3m09, 1200m 3m26, 1500m 4m19.05

I said to myself before hand to ignore the wind and go out with a hard first lap, hang on for the 2nd, work on the third, and give it all on the last. I found myself feeling the lactic at 800, in the upper body, concentrated on trying to keep the upper body relaxed and pushing the work through the legs. In many ways this run was like a time trial ( I won the race by over 200m) I appreciated being able to hug the inside lane most of the way (did have to lap a few of the others - one an 82 year lady set a Q'Land record and told me she had set three Australian records this year (! must mean this Summer). So I was 0.7 secs outside last weeks seasons best on a windy day by myself!! It would have to be worth at least a second or so quicker so you'd think I'd be happy? No!! I'm never happy unless I'm running personal best (age group) times.

The photo above is a classic example of me tieing up!! It was at the Qld Masters State Titles last Summer. I had been hoping to run sub 9, 3000m , I lost concentration and worked my upper body too much and paid the price 9m06.

Us runners tend to think we win the prize for toughest sport but there are some other contenders!

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