18 January 2008

Hugh Starkey

5.00am 23 O C 5.5KM Lake 22m46s (4m06 K's)

My mate Ray Powell sent me a Shaftesbury vest and shorts plus his 'Stag Night' Sunflower Running Shorts. I must have looked a lary sight this morning but only a few brave souls out walking their dogs had the pleasure! Brave because there was a great big rain cloud overhead that looked like it was ready to burst! We've had some quite some rain since Christmas. The dams at long last have started to fill and and Brisbane's three dams now sit at 27% of capacity which is a fantastic result when you consider that we had gone down to 19% and are on Level 6 water restrictions. Summer is the rainy season here.

Hugh Starkey was yet another of the Shaftesbury 'Old Guard'. He ran 8m09.6 for 3000m, 13m59.0 for 5000m , 29m02.6 for 10,000m!!! Phenomenal times if you put them into a modern context. Only a few guys in the whole of Australia could run that quick today!
Now consider the team our Club had during the mid Seventies;

Bedford, Goater, Starkey, Richards, Samuel, Dryden = Unbeatable!

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