04 January 2008

John Jago

5.oo.a.m. Roo+ Lake 11KM 43m11
Pretty good going for another WET run!
I was thinking about some of the comments you see on the CoolRunning Web site about running in heat etc (Victoria and Perth has suffered a heat wave with Temps well into the 40's during the middle of the day).
Of course I'd rather run in perfect conditions everyday, however, if I think back to running in England and compare it to running in Queensland there is no comparison. In the UK anytime you ran on grass there was a pretty good chance your shoes would be so covered in mud you could not wear them the following day.
Also lets take running in heat or running in cold - I'd always prefer to run in heat everyday over running in cold. Sweating is good for the body ! Getting out the door with a hat and gloves and two long sleeve tops in the cold does not make for the unrestricted freedom of movement I prefer. I do believe that racing performance will be better in cold weather than warm. In the Queensland Winter at 5.am it is pretty dark and relatively chilly but nothing like as bad as it would be in the UK. I mentioned in a previous posting my mate Johnny Broe who lives down in Sydney. He is no longer competing and his training philosophy is "run every day except when it rains". Still being competitive, my philosophy is run every day , come rain or shine. It is the consistent, repetitive nature of the training effect that will help improve performance or perhaps for me keep peak performance maintained for a longer duration. Like Daley Thompson said I train every day including Christmas Day because if I didn't, my competition 'will', and they will be gaining an advantage over me ! Exactly

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