24 January 2008

Pat Collins

Thurs. 5.00pm 11Km Roo + Lake 40m23s (3m45 KM)

Couldn't help myself!

Due to race tomorrow night and I couldn't slow it down to 4min KM!!
Very windy today and if it's at all like this tomorrow I might not bother going down to St. Lucia to race 3000m. However, in my current form ,if it's good conditions, I could run close to 9.00mins!

Very pleased with myself , getting my choice of music to play on my blog!
I shall have great fun choosing different tracks.

Pat Collins was a training partner in the Alf Wilkins era , a gentle giant!, a kindred Irish Catholic Gentile amongst my Jewish buddies. He had five (!) daughters (!!) and his wife had an amazing laugh. He worked for International General Electric of New York at the Shortlands Building in Hammersmith London in Summer 1983 . Over the first two floors of this building was a 'Leisure Centre' complete with Swimming Pool, Sports Hall, Squash Court, Weights Room ,Bar and Restaurant.
Pat told me that the guy who ran the leisure centre was moving on. I had just graduated from Loughborough University with a B.Sc. Hons (Physical Education, Sports Science and Recreation Management! ).I applied for and was appointed Sports Superintendent , my first ever
full time job! I ended up running the place for a couple of years before moving into real estate.
Pat moved on into Marketing or advertising.

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